Austin, Texas

Conference Details

May 20-22, 2019 9-5pm

Elgin Beta Space

226 E Austin St, Elgin, TX 78621


Conference Schedule

Day 1: 9am - 5pm

Soil Foundation: KNF Applications for generating biologically fertile soils using indigenous micro organisms. 

Plant Growth Formulas: how to grow KNF according to the balance of nature using biostimulants at the right time.

Livestock Solutions: including no-smell pigs and chickens, and principles of integrated animal farming.

Evening BBQ: and time for networking. Bringing it all together. Meet and enjoy the company of fellow natural farmers in a relaxed atmosphere

Day 2: 9am - 5pm

Hands-on Activities: going over recipes in fine detail through creation and demonstration of many of the solutions

Local Practitioner Panels: talking about their experience growing with KNF and answering questions from the audience

Pest Control Strategies: how to effectively utilize ecologically friendly plant concentrates and soap to control insects and pathogens

KNF Leadership Courses: get involved in growing your KNF community locally and worldwide!

Day 3: 10am - 2pm

Farm Tours a Pecan orchard, 

PureKNF Chapter Meeting & Potluck Lunch

Conference Sponsorship

The Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association

- Conference Sponsor

The Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association (TOFGA) is the leading voice of education and advocacy for organic food production in Texas. As a member-run and member-funded organization, TOFGA includes farmers, ranchers, gardeners, dairies, cheese makers, soil amendment producers, nurseries, food markets, farmers markets, educators, students, and more.

Our mission is to educate producers and consumers on the many benefits of organic agriculture and to promote its use throughout Texas. We host numerous educational workshops and farm tours throughout the year. Our largest event is the TOFGA Annual Conference held every winter. See our conference archives for archived conference materials and speakers.

Korean Natural Farming Facebook Group

With just over 13,000 members the KNF Facebook Group has grown to be the defacto world headquarters for Korean Natural Farming as an organization. This community is sponsoring the event by advertising and spreading the word for the KNF Conference.

PureKNF Foundation

The PureKNF Foundation has hosts, curates and produces online resources for KNF and helps to spread PureKNF Teachings to a worldwide audience.

Natural Farming Instructors & Delegates


Sharing his passion of KNF gives him hope for clean oceans, pure soil, healthy food, loved animals and empowered people at all scales of life. Drake is admin of the Korean Natural Farming group on Facebook and has been building KNF community for over a decade in Hawaii and worldwide. Check out his website or on instagram @naturalfarminghawaii

Rei Yoon

Master of Tai Chi, Translator of Ancient Esoteric Wisdom, Vision for the future: Heal the soil, help the poor, heal the people. Rei has been deeply involved in the KNF movement since 2002 and has been an integral part of bringing ecologically friendly farming practices to the western audiences by translating and refining the principles of natural farming.

Local Practitioners & Panelists

Austin Moline

Practices following the path of ecological stewardship through farming and loves to share his experience and bounty along the way. 

Stacey Shepard

KNF for Human Health? Yes! Stacey has been integrating wholistic solutions of KNF into her healing practices!


The first night will be a BBQ where we will have time to meet and greet and go over the days events.

The Lunch during the third day day during the farm tour will be a potluck.

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Farmily Pass

4 tickets for the price of 3. Bring the family, farm crew or get together with some friends and save big!


Student Pass

Soak it all in and be part of the action. Access pass for one student (with valid ID) to attend the KNF Conference.


Single Pass

Soak it all in and be part of the action. Access pass for one to attend the KNF Conference all 3 days included!



Most frequent questions and answers

A farmily can be composed of anyone. Get 4 tickets for the price of 3. A family, a farm, a group of a few like minded people that want to carpool and make it all happen. 

Some places allow camping, check out your specific Conference for accommodations.