KNFConference Tour 2019

2019 KNF Conference Videos Available Now!

The sale of these videos helps make it possible for the KNF Conference happen as an annual event in more places. We hope our videos can connect Natural Farming with a wider audience and help foster and build a global community.

Get caught up on the action of the KNF Conference by watching all the videos! Notice how each session has its own lesson to further explore the Science of Natural Farming. Buy the videos to download them and enjoy them at any time!

Mahalo Everyone for a Successful 3rd Annual KNF Conference!

Gather with like minded friends, get expert information, share growing experience and be part of the solution.

Be part of the leading edge of new information, techniques, as well as amongst the experts sharing field tested methodology.

About the KNF Conference & Workshops

We have humble beginnings in 2017 with an initial single stop in Bellvue, Washington and just over 20 present. The 2018 KNF Conference included over 100 people attending the workshops and conferences at over a half-dozen venues. 

2019 was the 3rd annual Pacific Coast tour with over 200 folks coming out! Now, the crowd features many advanced practitioners and testimonies of success are common!

This conference has led to the formation of larger and stronger Natural Farming groups all over the region.

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KNF Conference & Workshop Schedule*

Day 1

Soil Foundation: KNF Applications for generating biologically fertile soils using indigenous micro organisms. 

Plant Growth Formulas: how to grow KNF according to the balance of nature using biostimulants at the right time.

Livestock Solutions: including no-smell pigs and chickens, and principles of integrated animal farming.

Evening BBQ: and time for networking. Bringing it all together. Meet and enjoy the company of fellow natural farmers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Day 2

Hands-on Activities: going over recipes in fine detail through creation and demonstration of many of the solutions

Local Practitioner Panels: talking about their experience growing with KNF and answering questions from the audience

Pest Control Strategies: how to effectively utilize ecologically friendly plant concentrates and soap to control insects and pathogens

KNF Leadership Courses: get involved in growing your KNF community locally and worldwide!

* Exact Schedule for each Conference location varies. See each location for actual conference schedule.

This is a chance to get together with like minded folks and build a fertile community from the soil up. Employing the same principles we can grow an ecosystem that supports life in a balanced matter at every scale deemed necessary. 

Eric Drake Weinert

KNF Conference Pioneer

2019 Presentation Team

@naturalfarminghawaii (Drake)

Presenting the PureKNF ways of Natural Farming. Growing Soil Foundation. Plant Growth Formulas. Principles of Vital Solution Recipes.

Rei Yoon

Sharing over 16 years of Korean Natural Farming Experience working with the best in the field. His mission and organizational goals are to heal the soil, heal the people and help the poor.