Join the KNF Conference in North America
Spring & Summer 2019

Join the Family Friendly KNF Conference happening in your region this season!

Gather with like minded friends, get expert information, share growing experience and be part of the solution.

This is a chance to get together with like minded folks and build a fertile community from the soil up. Employing the same principles we can grow an ecosystem that supports life in a balanced matter at every scale deemed necessary. 

Eric Drake Weinert

KNF Conference Pioneer

KNF Conference Schedule*

Day 1

Soil Foundation: KNF Applications for generating biologically fertile soils

Plant Growth Formulas: how to grow KNF according to the balance of nature.

BBQ and networking. Bringing it all together

Day 2

Hands-on Activities going over solutions in fine detail through creation

Panels of local practitioners talking on KNF.

Pest Control Strategies

Livestock Solutions

KNF Leadership Courses

Day 3

Farm Tours around the Austin Region

Chapter Potluck

* Exact Schedule for each Conference location varies. See each location for actual conference schedule.

2019 Presentation Team

@naturalfarminghawaii (Drake)

Presenting the PureKNF ways of Natural Farming. Growing Soil Foundation. Plant Growth Formulas. Principles of Vital Solution Recipes.

Rei Yoon

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